Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I generally like Tuesdays. They don't hold the same expectations as Monday, in fact I don't really have any expectations for Tuesday. It is usually the day that I get a lot accomplished either home school wise, or house work wise. Well, my cold is kind of kicking me in the butt today, but we did get some stuff accomplished. My daddy (whom I am so thankful for) is helping me build shelves under the stairs in the great closet that is off the school room. We emptied everything out of it this morning. It was filled with all the board games and such and it had all pretty much avalanched (which my spell check says is not a word, but I beg to differ)upon itself. The girls were so helpful, which lately is a reason in itself to be thankful. I really enjoy decluttering more than I should, so I took great joy in this task. This afternoon I was able to bless a friend who needed a last minute babysitter for her 3 BOYS. The 2 older boys and my girls are great friends, so this was pretty exciting for them. Her youngest is my best, good buddy. He is so much fun. He will be 2 in February and is starting to talk a lot. So we all walked to the park that is just up the street and played and played. The big kids ran off their energy and pretended to be Super Heros and the little one and I just had fun together. It felt really good. So Yeah! Again no photos, blame blogger. :(

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