Monday, October 15, 2007

New Week

It is Monday, which I personally am usually not very thankful for. I always have expectations to start Monday all refreshed and with all of my ducks in a row, and that rarely happens. I am seriously sleep deprived and fighting a cold and so are the kiddos, so today was less than stellar. We did however have a very lovely weekend. So, I will write about/think about that and hope for a better Tuesday.

Saturday: I got to SLEEP IN, which is loveliness in and of itself. I went to the farmer's market in a nearby town with my sister and then we went to the fabric store and Target. It doesn't get much more lovely. Saturday afternoon/evening we had a family picnic at my in-laws' home. It was very nice. We ate way too much and then sat around the campfire talking and eating smores. So a wonderful day overall. :)

How about you? Are Mondays a bright spot or not? How was your weekend?

And blogger is not allowing Photos this evening, so sorry :(


lisa said...

Mondays are not a bright spot for me because after two days of sleeping until 8:30 or so, 5:45 is not a fun time to be awake! And I used to be really good about clearing my desk before I left work on Friday so Monday would be calm, but now I'm at different schools Friday and Monday.

But like you I had a great weekend--lots of time for relaxing, spending time with my husband and with our friends, and church was great too!

Maren said...

We make Monday bright by having "book club" at El Jardins. And also by shooting skunks in our yard. That is very lovely indeed. Besides the farmers market, shopping with you and Emma on Sunday was fun too. See flickr for the dress pic.

Sarah said...

shooting skunks...haahaa