Friday, October 12, 2007

Thankfulness... week at a glance format

Hmmm, life seems to have interfered with the blogging this week. So as to not make you think that I gave up on being thankful, I give you the week at a glance version of things I am thankful for.

Monday- I received an email from a lady I met the conference last weekend. She wanted to buy a purse like the one I made that I posted last week. I was so excited. I have wanted to sell some of the things I make for a while, but am kind of scared to, so this is a good start.

Tuesday-Curt coaches cross country. Every year, right before the conference meet, I make cookies for each of the team members (there are 36 runners this year). Tuesday night I cut and baked all the cookies while Curt and the girls did a little fishing and a lot of cuddling.

Wednesday- The weather was very cold, but we took off and went to a local apple orchard anyway. Much fun... pony rides, a play ground, a maze, warm apple donuts, fresh picked raspberries and a lovely fall day. I got all the cookies decorated too. MMMM frosting.

Thursday- I made extra cookies and frosting so that the girls could decorate some too. They loved it. Christmas cookies decorating will be a blast this year Mando. It was my mommy's birthday so the girls and I took her some cookies and some balloons and some pizza and had lunch with her at her office. I also got to go to the Conference CC meet by myself! No kiddos in tow. They are pretty sick of cross country by this point in the season. Curt's teams did as expected. One of his girls ended up the individual girls champ and has a good chance of making it on to the State meet. So that was exciting. I am so glad he has the opportunity to coach. He really enjoys it and his team has sooooo much fun together. They are like a big family.

Friday- Well, today has been more difficult. I am still feeling the sleep deprivation from last weekend and I am tired and cranky quite honestly and I have a little girl who has been melting down every time she doesn't get her way (and considering her way is things like, "let's go to Disney world...right now" and "I will only be nice if I can have the book my sister has" and "I don't want to sit on my bottom to eat, I would rather crouch on my heals and eat while bouncing" she hasn't gotten her way much today). She is also "BORED." But I am so thankful to be their mommy and Curt's wife, and that is enough. One of the biggest things that I took home with me from the Mommy conference last weekend is that I am the mom/wife that God chose for this family, several of the speakers said this and they really went out of their way to stress this point. I have struggled a lot with self loathing (if you haven't, I am surprised), but by the end of the conference, I really was feeling so much better after being told over and over again how important mom and wife is. I hope that someone says something to make you feel important today. And if no one else does, I will, because you are important. You wouldn't be on this earth if that weren't true! Thank you all for reading. Have a lovely weekend.

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Kristine said...

I do think I will take you up on this challenge. At least for this week. We'll see how long it lasts.

I am grateful that I have some of the greatest friends on earth. People who "get" me in ways too numerous to count and that don't give me simple, pat, bumper sticker answers and that pray for me more than I will ever know. And, especially you dear friend, who told me without hesitation nor patronization (is that a word???) that it is ok to cry.