Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Love List

(Emma took the leaf photo. She has a good eye, just needs to learn to hold still)

As per Lori's challenge, here is my Friday Love List:

What I love:

*My secret stash of chocolate in the cupboard that I get to sneak while the kids rest.

*Finding time to just sit and sew.

*A day with perfect light and time to run around and take interesting pictures.

*When my children have that "ah-ha" moment and actually get what I am teaching them.

*Organization and the brief moments when things are beautifully organized, before anyone touches them and destroys it all.

*Reading other people's beautifully written blogs and wishing someday I could write like that.

*A new magazine in the mail, waiting to be read.

*A family date to Culver's tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Superfantastic said...

Mmmmm...Culver's. We really must find a time to get together and catch up. And if that has to happen over a butterburger and some Degobah, then so be it.