Friday, March 28, 2008

Ahhh, Spring!

I thought I would appease Sarah and post some "Spring" Loveliness. Now, you all need to realize that Lovely is a very relative term and that in my world sarcasm IS lovely, so take it as you will. Maybe I should call this post "Shades of Loveliness."

We did our Easter celebration with my parents and sister and brother-in-law a week early as Mandy and Peter were suppossed to be gone on Easter. We were able to have the Egg Hunt outside even though snow pants and mittens and boots were required. It was a balmy almost 40 degrees.
I found a Star Wars Easter Egg kit. What better way to celebrate Jesus?
On Easter morning, as we were all scrambling to get ready (OK, I was scrambling to get ready), I asked Curt to take some pictures of the girls in their easter dresses. This is one of 5 pictures that all looked goofy. Ummm, thanks...
Mommy, then took over the camera.

I made my mommy, Curt's mommy and Mandy tote bags for Easter this year. This is Curt's mom's bag. The girls did drawings and chose fabric and I appliqued the pictures on the linen bag. This is a bird house and bird sitting on an egg on a nest.
A Spring Sunrise on my street. Taken this morning. With 3+ inches of fresh snow!
Happy Spring!
When I went grocery shopping on Monday night, there was a cart full of sad looking Easter Lilies marked down to $1.99 each. I HAD to rescue one. It is looking much better now and even gave me 3 blooms so far. It smells so good. My husband didn't even laugh at me for having to "rescue" a plant, but my mom did.

Lisa, could you please to send Spring here as you all seem to have moved on directly to Summer?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Week

Our adoption home study is officially approved! The girls and I went to Madison on Tuesday and got the certified birth certificates and marriage certificate. Then we explored down town Madison while we were there. We were able to walk from the government building to the Capital and looked around inside a bit. The girls were quite impressed. Then we went to the Madison Children's Museum. We could have stayed there all day. What a neat place. There was a sensory area on the first floor that I wanted to move in to. Lots of role playing/pretending type stuff and the girls are quite into that right now. I had to beg them to leave when it was time so we could eat lunch. After the museum we walked down State Street and got some lunch and then back to our vehicle which was parked near the lake. The whole thing was quite an adventure for all of us. Then we drove to the adoption agency offices and picked up our official home study packets. So exciting. The next step is sending our USCIS paperwork on Monday and then our Dossier paperwork sometime in the next couple of weeks. Then comes the waiting... It is starting to feel so real. I can't believe that a year ago we were putting adoption on the back burner to buy this house and I had all but convinced myself that it would never happen and now here we are. God is truely amazing. I did manage to take some pics of our field trip on Tuesday so you could join in the fun.

Emma in full construction worker gear. Note the pencil behind the ear, just like Grandpa.
This is called the Dream Machine, sort of a cross between a boat and a plane or sorts. They had bunches of fabric fish laying around and life vests. Much fun.
This was a water feature in the sensory area. They wanted the kids to touch and play in it. I want one in my house. Water flowing over rocks is so great.
Emma playing drums in the Making Music area. She is beggin for some bongo drums now.
Mosiac Floor! I want this too, I told you I wanted to move in.
Giant blue gill that you could crawl inside. The inside was painted to look like what is really inside a fish.
A long table full of pea gravel and construction vehicles. Endless fun.

Friday, March 7, 2008


My children are not giants, this is how tall the snowbank is in front of our house.
New springy garland on the staircase. Thanks for the help Aunt Mando!

We attended our first ever doggy birthday party last weekend. The girls had so much fun. Brooklyn (our pup) was nervous, but was good and very tired out by the end.

Sunset behind our house. We first looked at this house 1 year ago last week and the night that we looked at it the sun was setting just like this. I was hooked. It has been a great year here and I feel quite blessed to be here and have a view like this out my kitchen window.
I was searching for signs of spring earlier this week even though the temp has only been above freezing once in the last month. This is the Golden Oregano in my herb Garden. It is tough evidently.
My lilac bush seems to know that Spring is coming... hopefully the weather will follow.

I tried posting earlier this week, but Blogger was not in the mood. This post is rather random and not even in chronological order, but here it is anyway. Happy almost spring!