Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Many Blessings...

We have an accepted offer on a new to us house (it is actually 100 years old and full of character and hard wood floors). My range of emotions about this is all over, but mostly I am excited. The way this has all come about is nothing short of amazing and just shows how God can work. I needed that reminder. I think we all do sometimes. We have the home inspection scheduled for Friday and will hopefully close on the 30th. When all is set in stone, I will post photos and the detailed story of how all this came about. I only saw the for sale sign 3 weeks ago, and here we are! Crazy, but a good crazy.

Other blessings:
*Springy weather!
*Super supportive and encouraging family and friends. Love you all!
*Decluttering in preparation to move.
*Far away friends coming to town on Friday (Lisa and Kira).
*My funny children- they are so precocious and cute and when I relax and enjoy them, they are the best thing ever! The other day the girls were playing outside and they came in all upset because they had been looking for the dead bird that was in the yard last summer and couldn't find it. So I very lovingly explained to them that daddy had buried the bird in the compost pile and that it would decompose and help our garden. Abi started sobbing and said "that makes me so sad. I was planning on starting a dead bird body collection." (She is 4!!! PRECOCIOUS) I explained to her that that would be a pretty stinky collection but to no avail. She climbed in my bed and declared she was never coming out again. I turned on Bob the Builder for her and all was well again. And the grown ups around her have enjoyed laughing at the story greatly. They are so great.


Maren said...

Yesterday when I got home there was two dead birds in the bushes by our front windows and I couldn't help but think that maybe I should save them for the sweet girl!

Sarah Parker Ragan said...

Dead Bird Body Collection...that made me laugh so hard I was crying!!!

Maren said...

Sarita - now whenever a birt hits our window I think that I should save it for Abi - too funny!

Maren said...

"bird" rather, but birt sounds good too! Maybe I should preview - novel concept!