Thursday, March 15, 2007

Entomologist/Safari Leader/Paleontologist/Artist

Emma Painting

Abi Painting

For almost 2 years now, Emma (age five and three quarters) has said that she wants to be an Entomologist when she grows up. At first I think she was just enjoying saying a large word (she has always liked big words), but then she enjoyed the reaction she got from adults when she would say Entomologist. Her new thing has been that she wants to be an Entomologist/Safari Leader and she says the slash, which is too funny. Last week she added another slash and says she wants to be an Entomologist/Safari Leader/Paleontologist and now today we added /Artist. This will be further known as E/SL/P/A. The "slashes" are very important. Of course little sister wants to be the same thing. It is much colder outside today than it was earlier this week, but they needed some fresh air, so I sent them outside. They dug out the easel and wanted to paint because "if we are going to be a E/SL/P/A then we need lots of practice." They are pictured above painting such creations as meteors hitting the dinosaurs. So cute and so creative.

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