Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hmmmm, what should I blog about?

First there was the wedding for my Dear Friend/Sorta Daughter, Natalie. I was in charge of decorations and flowers but ended up sort of being the wedding coordinator. It was crazy and chaotic and the tornado whistles were going off as I ran in the house to take a shower 45 minutes before they were supposed to walk down the aisle, but it all turned out wonderfully and I am so happy for Natalie and Pierre.

My funny wedding story... The bride really wanted fish on the tables for the reception and in the vases on the alter (sorry, no pics of that, too busy to take pics, grr.). We agreed that Betas are expensive, so we would just do 4 Betas and the rest would be cheap goldfish. I picked up the fish at the pet shop and asked the guy if it is ok to put the Betas in a bucket and the goldfish in another bucket until the day of the wedding. He said sure. Well, he must have misunderstood me because I brought the fish home and put all the goldfish in one bucket and all 4 Betas in another bucket and then went outside for a few minutes. When I came back in, the water in the bucket with the Betas was splashing all over and they were shredding each other's fins. I screamed and grabbed cups from the cupboard quick. As I was scooping the fish out, I said to them "if you can't play nice together, then you can't be in the same bucket, " and told them they were grounded. I think I need some serious help. I am disciplining the fish now. They all lived and now I have a funny story to share and a word of warning to other ignorant Beta owners out there.

Last weekend we had a very large, very successful rummage sale and all the work and mess that goes with that. This week, I am trying to get back so some sort of routine and get my house back in order. I think we are almost there. My husband promised to help me do the floors tonight and I have to dust upstairs yet and then my house is somewhat clean. I neeeeed to weeeeed the gardens, but that will be done a little at a time over the next week or so. Now on to the pictures...

I dropped off a van load of stuff left over from the rummage sale at St. Vincent DePaul's and came away with 2 vintage pillowcases to make bags out of and a brand new pair of red, Mary Jane style Keds (for $3.25) and some clothes for the girls and some videos. :)

The garden is growing nicely and the girls have been feasting on fresh peas. We don't even bother to cook them, just eat 'em straight off the vine.

First Galardia bloom of the season. Again :)

Trying to enjoy summer as much as I can. I made the "to do before the baby comes home" list and it isn't pretty. We are currently #7 on the waiting list (as far as I know), so we should hear something in the next month or 2 and then will hopefully travel before the end of the year if things go well! Yay! I guess that is all my rambling for now.


Kristine said...

I get to be the first! Yay! Just wanted to say, "Let me know if I can help with stuff on the 'before baby comes home' list, k?" I'm willing, and you know it.

Sarah said...

#7? Yay!

lisa said...

I'm so excited for you! What a wonderful time of anticipation!!!

Maren said...

good thing I am saving some vacay time for you!