Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Abi

My baby turned 5 today. That statement carries way more emotional weight for me than it probably should. First of all, since when does 5 years go so fast???? I mean seriously. Do you remember high school? 4 years felt like FOREVER! But I am pretty sure I had her like last week and now she is 5. Second, she is the last baby that I will ever carry IN my body and this morning, I was really struggling with that. The grieving of never being able to carry another baby in my body has for the most part passed, but I find myself remembering what it felt like on their birthdays. Today that brought some sadness. On the upside (which is what this blog is about after all), we are hopefully sending in the application to our adoption agency this week to start that ball rolling, so even though I will never carry a baby IN my body, I am most certainly not done carrying babies! On to the birthday fun...

We try to make birthdays a pretty big deal around here. Not present wise, but just make the birthday person feel special. We always have cake and presents and such with the Grandparents and Aunt Mando, Uncle Peter, Uncle Brian and his girlfriend. That was yesterday. We did heart shaped cupcakes and Abi helped decorate. She loves to help in the kitchen. Notice the towel over her shoulder, mommy does that too, so she insists on having a towel. She is having a Princess party with her little friends next weekend. Stand by for irresistible Princess cuteness next week.
Here she is, attempting to blow out her candles. She had a tough time, so mommy had to help.

This is today. Her actual birthday. She at least still looks like my baby. We are working on the thumb sucking. The quilt is her "nigh-nigh." She has had it since she was born and it is falling apart. But it keeps the bad dreams away or so she says.
Forgive the poor quality of pictures. Another gloomy day. But birthdays are still special, no matter the weather. Happy Birthday Abigail Faith! We are off to McDonald's (her restaurant of choice) to celebrate.


Sarah said...

Stinkin cute!!! I love how the cupcakes turned out. And how you have like a professional decorating kit. :) Happy Birthday Abi!

Sarah said...

We demand an update! How are you doing?