Thursday, November 1, 2007


I like November. October, I can live without, but November I like. What about you? Do you favor certain months over others? My list goes like this...

#1 Favorite month- September- It is the month with my birthday. Things start to cool off a bit and we usually go camping.

#2- May- You know, all those spring flowers that come after the April showers. I absolutely love tulips and poppies and lilacs and peonies and and.... you get the idea.

#3- November- Halloween is finally, freaking over and then there is Thanksgiving what with all the good food and the thankfulness. Also, it seems to be one of the few Holidays that is mostly lacking in controversy (I don't deal well with controversy). I also like the cool, crisp weather that requires that we cover our bodies, but not bundle up an extreme amount.

My least favorite months:

#1 February- There is a reason that it is the shortest month of the year, but it still always feels the longest.

#2 October- I DETEST Halloween!

#3 Probably July (sorry Mando) only because it is sooooo stinking HOT most of the time.

The rest of the months are just kind of there with some high points and some low points in each, but today, I just felt like saying "Yeah, it's November!" You gotta take every small reason to celebrate that you get.


Maren said...

Well FINE then! And July is ACTUALLY the best month because 1: my birthday, Peter's birthday, and every other cool person's birthday, 2: Fair, which means cheese curds, and 3: many many Tractor Pulls (which can also mean cheese curds...) so there. July is better!

lisa said...

June is my favorite because it's the first month of SUMMER and I'm off from work and the weather is usually nice. And I love December because it's a whole month of Christmas and all that goes along with it.

I hate January and Feburary. It feels like we just get through them, waiting for things to warm up again.

The Chicken Lady said...

My favorite is also my birthday month...December. Plus, Christmas is my very favoritest holiday. :) Plus, I HATE heat, and the humidity. yucky.

That little squirrel on the roof reminds me of a squirrel we named Dave. He had all kinds of little notches out of his ears from fights that he must have been in. Your squirrel has a notch too! :) Ours are all in SUPER STORE MODE and they are getting so fat and furry. I love watching them. :)