Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why is this hard for me?

I haven't posted as much as I would like, mainly because it has always been very hard for me to talk about myself. That is why you will mostly see photos here... because I am visual, and because then I don't have to say so much. Everytime I get ready to post, or think of something to post, I don't, because I am afraid that people don't want to hear about me or my life. But that is what a blog is about after all and I need to remember why I am here... lovely things... So I shall keep trying. If you don't like it, don't read it ;) (Or, if you are like me, just look at the pictures.)
That said, here are some lovely things I have been saving up and feeling too shy to share.

Balloon Festival in a local town.

Home made strawberry jam. YUMMMMMM!

What my hubby wanted for Father's Day. They floated around like this for over an hour.

The first zinnia bud of the year. I LOVE zinnias.

The Lilies in my "secret garden." ( I will post more secret garden pictures another day. Still working on that area.)


Maren said...

You could post about the water balloon fight and the balloons that Curt threw back a the girls rolling off the deck and hitting him. Or about Abi yesterday at the zoo pretending to be a rhinoceros and poking you in the butt with her horn. Or about the 20 gazillion other cool things about your life everyday - the projects, the school, the hilarious things those babies say. We WANT to hear about it. Even if I already do. I want to hear about it. And see it. I promise some day I will teach you about the magic of flickr.

lisa said...

I keep coming back to read about YOU. Thanks for posting!