Friday, June 29, 2007

The Truth...

So we are running a secret Tattoo shop here. Emma is the Tattoo Artist. Now you know.

Where the "monies" go.

The cost of the tattoo is $5 and 1 cent. Fortunately for me, we haven't studied the value of coins yet. I got 4 tattoos and all I paid was 26 cents~! Curt is a sucker and gave her $5.

Emma's tattoo.

My tattoo... it is an alligator that says "sneaky."

Abi's cake tattoo.

These are for the boys. Although Dad was allowed to get a Penguin. Which he claims is the Linux penguin (computer geek).

Her sign

The shop is Opin (I love phonetic spelling).


L'home bombeta said...

What ans inspiring and lovely story. It's very good for a commercial.

Maren6300 said...

Now I totally have to pick berries with you - I need a tattoo SO BAD, just don't tell Pete.

Sarah Parker said...

I love the invented spelling!