Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oops, Sorry!

Last post published on May 2nd? OOOOOPPPPSSS! The month of May is my favorite month in terms of new things growing and weather and such, but it is SO BUSY! My husbands helps coach track, so there are 2 track meets almost every week. I try to go to some of them and really enjoy them, but they are seriously time consuming. There is also an immense amount of gardening that I feel compelled to do. Again, something I love, but it takes up a bunch of time and energy. There are 2 little girls that want to be outside much more often and still need a lot of supervision to do that. There was a wedding shower (which I made the above quilt top 3 days... yes, I am crazy), Mother's day, my brother-in-law's birthday and Emma's birthday. There was getting ready for a dear friend to live with us for the summer. All in all, just a lot of reasons to not be at the computer writing posts. But, I have been thinking on lovely things, which was the whole reason for starting this blog, so even without writing the actual posts, the blog is serving its purpose (except that you all aren't getting to share in the loveliness... sorry). In fact, I have been taking lots of pictures that I meant to share with the lovely Internet. So I shall now.

These are the crazy Mourning Doves on our porch. The babies hatched and were quite fun to watch. The girls named them Franklin and Dora (Abi names everything Dora). We named the mom Betsy and the Dad Anakin (yes, we have a Darth Vader Mourning Dove flying around somewhere).

Emma's birthday skirt made by mom. We tried some nicely posed pictures, but alas, the dancing ones were so much better.
Abi's birthday dance.

Emma's birthday cake, lovingly made by Aunt Mando and Mommy. We are having a swimming party at the Y today.

And just for giggles. My children call this the Octopus Forest. Evidently when the ferns start to unfurl, they look a little like an octopus, so we have had lots of screaming about "ahhhh, the octopus forest!!!!"

I know I promised to keep things lovely on this blog, but I also promised to be real. My dear Emma had another seizure on April 28th. She has had 1 other seizure (that we have witnessed, there may have been more that no one saw), back in September. At that time, after testing, they didn't find anything. We go back to the doctor for more testing this week. Please pray for answers. None of us want to live in fear, but when there is so much unknown, that is what ends up happening.

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