Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi... I am still alive and kicking!

I know it has been over a year! Please don't hate me. Life has been super full and active. We have all adjusted very well to having Zion in our family and can't remember what it was like before him. I am hoping to get back at posting lovely things. For now, will some photos of the last year appease you???

Abigail's 6th birthday (Jan. 2009). Zion had been home 2 weeks at this point.

Daddy proving he can hold all 3 kids.

Zion's personality starts to shine through...
Mother's Day 2009

Door County June 2009

Girls' Only Camping Trip Sept. 2009

Partners in crime...

Fall 2009

At one of Daddy's team's cross country meets

One of the last nice days of fall.

This face... oh my!

First time playing in the snow!

Christmas Picture 2009
More to come I promise!


Priscilla said...

What a lovely family you have!

Found your blog when I googled "whatever is lovely" to find the reference because I couldn't remember it.


God bless and feast you eyes and mind on things above! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Love the positive nature of your blog. Hope all is well, and keep blogging!

Catherine Anne said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family you have!

Imagine That said...

Nice to meet you Africa buddy. I am excited to get to know you and all of the ladies going to Uganda.
You have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog. I love your theme.