Friday, March 7, 2008


My children are not giants, this is how tall the snowbank is in front of our house.
New springy garland on the staircase. Thanks for the help Aunt Mando!

We attended our first ever doggy birthday party last weekend. The girls had so much fun. Brooklyn (our pup) was nervous, but was good and very tired out by the end.

Sunset behind our house. We first looked at this house 1 year ago last week and the night that we looked at it the sun was setting just like this. I was hooked. It has been a great year here and I feel quite blessed to be here and have a view like this out my kitchen window.
I was searching for signs of spring earlier this week even though the temp has only been above freezing once in the last month. This is the Golden Oregano in my herb Garden. It is tough evidently.
My lilac bush seems to know that Spring is coming... hopefully the weather will follow.

I tried posting earlier this week, but Blogger was not in the mood. This post is rather random and not even in chronological order, but here it is anyway. Happy almost spring!


Maren said...

I better go check my lilacs! EEEEE!!!!! That is a totally awesome garland. A bunch of really cool people must have made it. Love the pic of the girls. Will have to get around to posting the pic of them at my place on Mount Everest on The Flickr.

Sarah said...

How did you make the garland? I really like it!!

Superfantastic said...

So nice to see some green!