Monday, February 11, 2008

Frosted Window Panes

What 40 below zero does to our windows.

Our bedroom window before a nap:
And after a nap:
I was able to travel to Madison yesterday with my Mother-in-Law to visit the Garden Expo. We at least got to pretend it was spring for about an hour. Then we drove home in the many degrees below zero weather on the highway that was half drifted shut. I am just going to stare at this picture and pretend myself there.


Maren said...

At least you didn't post too many pictures or lovely stories from your trip that I didn't get to go on. Instead I had bad 80's music stuck in my head this morning while shovelling the 1/10 mile long driveway at 3 freaking 30 in the morning. Oh, wait...whatever is lovely...the wind was no longer blowing at 3 freaking 30 in the morning, so that was a blessing, as then we didn't freeze to death while shovelling the entire driveway. See, I CAN think of lovely thing!

Superfantastic said...

I'm so impressed with you finding the beauty in winter. All I can do is grumble and get increasingly upset with the forecast. Perhaps if it ever gets above freezing again, I'll take a walk and see if I can't find anything lovely.

Sarah said...

The mannequin scares me, but I LOVE the icy window pictures! I took some of my own today, but mine weren't as big as yours! So pretty!
FYI...I expect when spring finally comes around to see you lounging in your best formal wear on your front lawn. :)

Kristine said...

I concur with all previous comments.