Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One of my favorite flowers is the Poppy.

This is the window ledge above my sink. It is lined with small bottles/vases of various sizes in red and green and blue. The girls like to keep them filled with flowers for me. Today, Emma had picked this poppy for me and it must have stirred something in her.

Emma asked Renae ( the young lady who is living with us for the summer) to come out on the porch so she could tell her a secret. A short time later, Renae came back in for paper and pencil and then went back out. When they finally came back inside, Emma read me the poem that she had made up and had Renae write down for her. It made me so happy. She read it in this great, poet type voice and just seemed way too grown up for a 6 year old. I can't believe the creativity they possess sometimes. When I woke up this morning (at 6 o'clock) I was struggling to get out of bed and I could hear God gently tell me that this day held surprises. I hauled myself out of bed and went for a long walk which was wonderful in itself. Little did I know how much more there would be. After Emma read me her poem, I held her and told her that God was right, this day did hold good surprises.

The Poppy Poem

By: Emma Gratz

Poppy, poppy, your petals are so soft.

Your petals are so loose.

Your smell is so graceful.

Your pollen, the bees will surely drink.


Maren said... sure what else to say. How amazing of her...and I know her. I think that you should teach her how to do haikus. Krazee babies you have!

The Chicken Lady said...

Oh, that poem is ADORABLE!! I love the bee part. The flowers are lovely too. After being out west for 3 weeks, it was nice to see all the green when we got back to WI. Well, all the CORN! ha ha Our neighbors all have flowers, I enjoy theirs because I kill plants. Darn it!

lisa said...

Looks like you and your family are having a really wonderful summer! And I'm enjoying all your beautiful pictures!