Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have been absent. Partly because this blogging thing is not routine yet (I am a journaling/diary/recording my life failure most of the time) and partly because it has been a tough week to find lovely things and because the guldarn sun won't shine so pictures are awfully hard to take. So there are my excuses.

We had a very unfortunate death in my extended family this week and it has me in quite a funk. I would appreciate any prayers you all offer up. It is my normal get a little depressed week anyway, so that hasn't helped. I have tried very hard to focus on lovely things in spite of it all. Here are a few that have kept me going.

*The mama robin who is building in the almost blooming pear tree outside my kitchen window. (I have an almost blooming pear tree outside my kitchen window, that is pretty lovely in itself).

*Buying seeds to plant my garden next week!!!!!

* The weather men promise 70 degrees and sunny this weekend.

* I was actually able to find some sewing time yesterday. I will post pictures when the sun decides to shine.

*Just being so incredibly thankful to be able to be home and be authentic. Sometimes the gratitude is overwhelming.


I pray that you all are finding things to make you smile inside and out today.

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